E R O T I C A -The art of loving Dr. Prakash Kothari

This book has been a labour of love – a love for the art of loving. Over the years, I have collected various pieces of erotica from around the world. Every time I shared them with friends or in the larger forum of an exhibition, I was told that it would be wonderful if more people had access to such an artistic display of erotica. And that is why I decided to publish my collection of erotic art in this book.

Within its pages, you will find various sexual positions depicted in exquisite ivory carvings from Asia, Africa and Europe…centuries old wood carvings from South India…and postcards down the ages that eulogize the art of loving through sentimental odes to passion and romance – or even through humour! Apart from these, you will discover many more media innovatively employed in the service of titillating libidos and encouraging the fulfillment of passionate urges.

What is extraordinary about this collection is that it is truly timeless. Whether the artifacts are centuries old or are modern day expressions of contemporary artists, the moments they have captured of heterosexual or same-sex couples in the throes of passion, are eternal. They were a human truth since humans evolved and will remain a human truth as long as our race populates the earth.

Transcending time and place, unlimited by decade or geography, these pieces of erotic art are sure to fuel passions and revive the grace of expressing our innermost essence. After all, whether it is about raw ecstasy or a sublime state bordering on the spiritual, our sexuality is to be honoured as a gift from God.

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